TEASER – J.Legacee


J. LEGACEE was established in 2017, by Jeremy Bruno and Jeffrey Platteel.
Jeremy Bruno has been professionally designing and developing products for
multiple brands, since he graduated with honors from the art academy in 2009.
Jeffrey Platteel is a respected sales and brand manager in the fashion and
footwear industry. He is experienced in developing strategies and structures to
improve overall business and product line success for international brands.
Both founders grew up in families that moved to the Netherlands in search of a
better life. Their parents often reminded them that nothing is given and that they
needed to work hard to get somewhere.
Jeremy and Jeffrey’s paths first crossed in 2014, while working together
extensively on a different venture.
During this professional collaboration, they not only recognized and respected
each other’s skills, but also developed a strong friendship.
Having a lot in common, combined with their similar professional goals and
dreams, fueled the drive to build their own brand and leave a legacy.
They aptly named their brand J. LEGACEE.
The J. stands for Jay, a unisex name that means ‘victorious’ and which reflects the
strong winner’s mentality that both founders posses.
By creating high quality products that represent the perfect balance between
function, style, comfort and attitude, J. LEGACEE aims to leave their mark in
street culture.

TOUCH Top notch materials such as the highest quality calf leather, nubuck’s and oiled suedes.. The touch alone let’s you shiver 
SIGHT  A-symmetrical design lines, of the chart boxing (see attached) gives the look and feel a WOW-factor
SMELL  Fragrance line with scents that will blow people’s mind, J.LEGACEE should be recognised the minute you are exposed to it 
SOUND  Work with talented musicians, dj’s, artists so J.LEGACEE lifestyle can be heard, music in the current era lets you express the lifestyle you live
TASTE  Get a taste and flavour of what great food should be, J.LEGACEE will bring it all.!

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