Gram – 380 A

Our collection for spring/summer 2015 is inspired by the art of the turn of the century doctor, philosopher,

biologist, and artist Ernst Haeckel. Haeckel was fascinated by the symmetry and harmony of nature’s

shapes and his art is among other things considered to have had a large influence on the Art Noveau

The striking prints and shapes of the collection are all designed by Alexis Holm, inspired by Haeckel’s

marine life art. The materials used are hand picked to portray the beauty of nature under the surface.

Premium natural linens, debossed soft suede and sea urchin like knife-cut goat suede meet soft and

summery canvases and alcantara.

The collection is a true mix of chic refinement and casual athleticism. Relaxed as always, but with creative,

dressed up details fit for an urban lifestyle. Unique but wearable shoes handcrafted to perfection.

A total of five new models are added to the collection. These elegant performers with edgy details and

versatile silhouettes make for future classics, like the 256g refined slip in shoe, the 316g cubistic wedge

ballerina and the casual flair of the 402g hybrid street creeper.

With one foot in the old school of classic craftmanship and the other firmly planted in the realm of forward

thinking we genuinely hope that you’ll enjoy our passion for delivering the ultimate in contemporary,

sophisticated sneakers.


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